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The idea behind Skatsz & COMMUNITY is to celebrate and bring awareness to some of the great organizations that support and encourage black women-owned business around the world.

SHE Leads Africa Limited, publishers of, is a women-focused media and communications organisation registered in Ghana, West Africa. We specifically focus on the inclusion of women’s role in Africa’s development story. We do this through content publication and events specifically aimed at gender diversity and inclusion in all sectors in Africa.

For Women Of Colour

FWOC - For Women Of Colour was launched in 2015. Being second generation in the UK, organisation director - Leonia felt there was a need for a new platform that allowed Black British girls and women of her generation to interact and share their experiences away from their computer screens. is an online marketplace for Black owned businesses to showcase and sell their products to a global community.

What drives WeBuyBlack is a community of creative entreprenuers who use WeBuyBlack to sell their products, thousands of shoppers who believe supporting these entreprenuers to affect social change, and the committed staff of WeBuyBlack.

Acknowledging beauty on the outside is as important as acknowledging beauty on the inside. Encouraging women to embrace their outer beauty, to look in the mirror and love what they see is not superficial as some might think, on the contrary it demonstrates complete self-worth.
Boosting a girls self esteem so that she is empowered by her unique beauty will give her the confidence to embrace herself and believe in her talents to achieve greatness. 
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