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Miiriya AKA The Black Amazon & Etsy w/ A Sprinkle of GoFundme!

I know by now ya'll done heard about this amazing app called

Miiriya that provides a platform for black-owned businesses to easily sell their products and services to consumers.

Miiriya lets vendors sign up without transaction or listing fees.

The vendors receive 100 percent of their earnings; so when you shop, the money is going straight to these small businesses!! How amazing is that?! Download the app at the IOS & Android on your phone.

Miiriya 's founder is Lamine Loco. and according to Loco, Miiriya is a word from the African language of Bambara/Dioula. It means thoughts and ideas. How to pronounce Miiriya:

Me – e – ree – ya Me as in myself, E like the letter E, Ree like the Ree in Reel (but with a Spanish R) and Ya.

Allllsssssoooooo there's a section on the app called Mutual Aid Page that you can make donations that go straight to those in need (yes, these folks are vetted by the owner and his team to make sure it's foreal) Think of GoFundme - I meeeaaannnnnn!

And yall know yall's fave polk dot satin lined hats brand is on there right? Yawp, Skatsz, we in thurrrrr

Gotta say, I'm beyond proud of what this man (Lamine Loco) is doing for the culture - Miiriya is definitely a one stop shop for Black businesses and donation for those in need - Can it honestly get any better that?????

Will you be checking out Miiriya?!



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