New Website: New Colors In Stock!

TGIF Guys!

I have exciting news! OUR WEBSITE IS HERE!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYY

We’re are finally moving from amazon & ebay to our very own webby!  I know quite a number of people have inquired about when our site will be up and running, & to the people that didn’t have an ebay account but created one just to complete their order with us; we love you hahah

So yeah, Its been a long time coming but you can now place your orders for your satin lined beanies at:

Also another update is that we’ve gotten some new colors in stock! To be honest my original plan was to make a post about each color as they came in but let me tell ya, procrastination is real!  I think there should be like a mandatory class in college that teaches students how NOT to wait till last minute to do stuff & you have to take it every semester till senior year.. but that’s a conversation for another time. Anywho below are our new colors 🙂

Blue Beanie/ Pink & Black Polka Dot Satin

Gray Beanie/ Red & Black Polka Dots Satin

Teal Beanie

Teal Beanie/ Red & White Polka Dots Satin

Check us out & let me know what you guys think!

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