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Quality Over Everything For Skatsz!

Hey Ya'll - Happy Hump Day!

Quality has always been very important to us and has been at the forefront of our mission here at Skatsz's.

Our hats (beanies, scrub caps) are handmade with love but more importantly crafted with very high standards, so much so, that we've switched vendors in the past if high level quality of ouyur product wasn't attained. So to have customers reach out to us letting us know that they've had their Skatsz for some years and it's very much intact is soooooo fulfilling!! Thanks yall.

Here's a vid of me realizing just how durable our (Skatsz) product really is!

As you could probably tell I was surprised and amazed at the quality as well hahaha. The satin is still very much intact, the elasticity of the hat is still very much there - meaning the beanie didn't lose it's shape and started to look slack.

Also worth noting, I typically throw the Skatsz hat shown in the above video in the washer but I handwash others, don't ask me why, I do weird ish like that all the time. BUT we always advise our customers to handwash their Skatsz and air dry to enjoy the maximum shelf life of your Skatsz.

Until next time folks,




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