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AMAZING Charcoal Toothpaste! Black Owned Too!!

Happy Monday Ya’ll!

On today’s episode of Amazing Black Owned Businesses – let me introduce you all to

So, I’ve been wanting to switch to a natural toothpaste (because of the harmful side effects of fluoride) for sometime but didn’t know which exactly. I knew the brand had to be Black-owned sha.


Fast forward to seeing Liv with nature’s page on IG + decided to give it a shot – purchased the All Natural Peppermint Toothpaste. Chiiilllleeeee when I say I am grateful I did!!!! OMG ITS SOOOO GOOD! You can legit smell the peppermint right when you open the package, I’m talking bout the delivery package not even the actual toothpaste container. Right then and there I knew this joint was finna be bomb & I was right! I LOVE IT! It keeps my breath fresh and minty ALL DAY!! I done told 50-11 people bout so I figured why not blog bout it.


It’s all natural plant based, preservative free ingredients are listed under the container, about 5 in total – which is amazeballs!

I will say this, it takes some getting used to because it doesn’t get foamy and bubbly in your mouth like other toothpastes. Also, there isn’t that obnoxious aftertaste in that lingers for too long. Furthermore, expect to spit out black substance hahaah because of the charcoal – even though it seems obvious now, trust me you will forget & get a little weirded out when you’re brushing. Another point to note is due to hygiene purposes I wouldn’t recommend sharing this toothpaste with too many people since you have to dip a tooth brush inside..


Check out my quick vid below:

Do you think you can switch from your traditional toothpaste to charcoal – LivWithNature?

Lemme know below xx

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