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Will Skatsz Hat Fit All My Hair?!

Hey Ya'll!

We receive this question quite often; I have long hair will your hats fit all of it?

So I thought why not answer this in a form of a blog post so it'll be a readily available reference.

Short answer: Yes.

Explanation: We intentionally make our hats - beanies and scrub caps with plenty of stretch to accommodate all hairstyles; natural hair, permed hair, protective hairstyles, locs, big hair etc. Though some of our hats may look small, they infact expand to fit your hair and head size. Here are some examples below:

Here's Dami - Tan Layered Beanie that fits waist length jumbo Senegalese jumbo twist.

Here's the Teni Scrub Cap that fits waist length faux locs:




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