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Our First Post…

Hey Guys!

Welcome to our very first blog! Yayy it’s been a long time coming (well not really) but it just sounded good hehe.

So what is Skatsz?

Skatsz is a Satin Lined Hat company hailing from the DMV! All of our hats are satin lined. We launched our very first collection this past December & it has been a whirlwind to say the least. A little background about the minds behind Skatsz; we are sisters not from another mother haha & we both are Howard University alums (HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! You Know) I love love love wearing hats! I have an extensive collection of beanies especially in the fall/winter months; you can pretty much catch me 99% of the time with a hat on. My obsession with hats was birthed really through both necessity & my love of fashion. For me it’s a staple accessory because I love how it adds a little pizzazz to my outfit. Also because I’ve learned over the years that I tend to lose a lot of warmth from my head, so naturally I wear tons of hats (Mostly cotton/ sometimes wool) through the fall/winter and even into the spring months.

How did Skatsz come about?

The idea of Skatsz/ Skatsz came about when I started “trying” to take the health of my hair seriously (emphasis on trying) and I started going to an actual salon where I had to pay upwards of $50 to get my hair back on track (sooo worth it tho) Khadija, my hair stylist, is beyond amazing at resurrecting your hair back from the keratin dead

Click this link—–> Khadija’s salon

Anyway she educated me on the importance of satin, the benefits it provides for my hair & how I need to wrap my hair as much as possible. Now wrapping my hair with a satin scarf when going to bed is nothing new so I figured that’s what she meant. But even when I started to religiously wrap my hair to sleep, Khadija would STILL complain about the crown of my hair being super dry but she did mention that the front of my hair was much softer. I had bangs at the time so my hats would only cover a portion of my head, leaving the front part out. Frustrated at how dry my hair was, I started to wrap a satin scarf around my head & would just throw on my hats on top of the scarf; I did this 2 weeks consecutively & I noticed my hair became much softer & shiner but I wanted to see if Khadija took notice. After the two weeks went by it was time to go see Khadija again. Sure enough, she enthusiastically complimented me on how my hair looked so much healthier & better moisturized! I told her that I kept my scarf on under my hats, to which she replied “well then keep doing that!” Thus the idea of wrapping my hair under my infamous beanies was born!

Wrapping my hair under my hats was cool at first because I didn’t have to give up wearing hats & I could still keep all the moisture in my hair but it became a chore for me (hahah Im lazy as heck!) So I moved to wearing a satin bonnet instead. In sharing the benefits of wearing a scarf/bonnet under your hats with my older sister the idea of Skatsz was born. So there you have it folks Skatsz came bout from ; a hat loving, natural hair having Nigerian (even though at the time I was permed) that didn’t want to always wrap her hair underneath her hats!

You can purchase yours here for $19.99 on both eBay & Amazon



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