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Skatsz Satin Lined Scrub Caps!

Happy New Month Y'all!

I hope you all are staying safe and washing your hands.

I figured with the recent pandemic, it was a good time to re-introduce our

Teni satin scrub caps - these hats were debuted some months ago, but anywho, here's the 411 (hahahha I'm so old)

Skatsz - Teni Scrub Caps are hand made & LINED W/ SATIN to:

✅Keep your hair healthy & moisturized while y’all saving lives

✅Adjustable to fit different hair types & sizes

✅Natural hair, Locs, straight hair, curly, big hair, short hair, protective styles etc

Here's a video below of a friend trying on the Teni Scrub Hats:

Lemme know whatchu think below.



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